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If you looked at the Internet a few years ago, you would see that the advertisement was made in such a way that it was very similar to other types of media, such as television, or, in fact, more like what you saw in the newspaper.

You go to the site, and somewhere you will see a banner (often quite a lot and very large) that will display and advertise any company that pays for additions in your place.

But there is one problem with that kind of advertising. It really doesn't use the fact that add-ons don't exist in some newspapers, but are sent via the Internet.

You might notice a lot of this on the page that you see. You search online, look for watches, but you get banners that advertise cars.

Even though at some point you might want to buy a car, now you are looking for a watch, and it would be nice if a banner advertises a watch, because you might click on it.

Now that's what Google people think, so they came up with the idea of ​​a killer. This is called Google AdSense and is called a targeted advertising program.

What do you do (as a web designer/website owner), instead of jumping over the circle to get some sort of banner on your site that your visitors won't even care about, just select the screen area?

Then you sign up for the Google AdSense program, paste a small piece of code into your web page, and Google makes sure that a banner appears where you specify it as an addition related to your site's content.

Google is very easy to do because Google is a search engine company. He searches for keywords on your page, searches a database of websites to find relevant to what's on your page, and beforehand: targeted advertisements.

You (the webmaster) receive a fee for each visitor who clicks on an AdSense banner on your site. Now, this has to happen more often than with traditional banners, because people are really interested in what's on this banner (otherwise they won't be on your page, right?).

But it's also a miracle for people who want to advertise. And this is for the same reason. The great thing about Google AdSense is that all content on the banner is relevant.

This relevance is the key to the success of the program, as well as the reason everyone remains happy. Advertisers have appropriate advertisements, publishers make money from their content, and Google takes over.

Of course, as usual, Google has set some high standards for the AdSense program in terms of appearance and functionality. Your website cannot have more than two of these banners, and Google only inserts text into it.

So the added benefit is that AdSense ads are far less intrusive than ordinary ads. But that also means that you have to place the banner better because visitors can skip it all.

So in the end, Google AdSense is a unique adware program because ads are related to the content on the site. Anyone who wants to advertise pays Google for this. Anyone who wants to advertise on their site doing this through AdSense receives payment from Google.

All transactions are done through Google, and advertisers and publishers get access to statistics that help them understand and reduce the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The whole process is elegant, simple and effective for everyone in the chain, from website visitors to advertisers, and this is one of the reasons why Google is known for innovation and new thinking.

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