An effective way to promote products that can increase sales

The key to success in boosting high sales revenue lies in promoting,

The way the promotion really affects product sales. What happens if your product is quality but not known to people or even people not interested.

An effective way to promote products

The smarter you are with the promotion strategy, the more likely your product is to sell well with a high level of sales in the market. Whatever the area, such as sales, home products, online business, apparel, services, SME industry, crafts, etc.

There is one more important thing, Every business has its own model and method, has its own criteria. So you have to be good at choosing and evaluating.

I'm sure you're a genius so you can find the best solution to run your business smoothly. Here are some great promotions you can use.

1. Interesting Classic Button Techniques About Discount

Although a bit classic, the technique of discounting proves to be its own strength. In addition to direct discounts, you can try multiple discount techniques. Here's an example.

Double discount example

Double discounts or multiple discount techniques can make potential customers think about buying your product. This is related to AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action)

You should definitely see a tower display that says "40% + 30% off". Probably some potential customers mumble, wow 70%. Although that's not the way to say it.

Try to calculate it in a simple way. For example, a watch price of $ 100,000, a double discount of 40% + 30%. The way we find 40% off is = 40% x $ 100,000 = $ 40. Then the price of the watch after 40% discount is $ 100,000 - $ 40 = $ 60.

Then calculate the 30% discount using the calculation = 30% x $ 60 = $ 18. So the actual price is $ 60 - $ 18 = Rp. 42,000

2. Trial (Trial) Unknown Then Not Love

Don't know then don't like it, jargon is a good fit for this type of promotion. You can provide a free version or trial in advance with the initial features. After the user purchases, the main feature can be activated.

These promotional methods are often found in digital products such as accounting database applications, cashier programs, and other types of application products.

The trial version gives your prospective customers the opportunity to try out the products you offer. You can take advantage of this opportunity to convince users.

If your product is food or perfume, it also provides a product that can be tested by consumers. So consumers can know the taste or smell of the perfume.

3. Give Bonus So They Are More interested

This technique should be very familiar to all of us. Yes, giving bonuses is an effective way of promoting.

Let's say we often find the words buy one bonus one, or 2 in one and so on. Examples include bonuses.

Another example is providing a CD in the form of a guide, providing free tutorials and a variety of other bonus support features that support your main product. These types of bonuses can provide intrinsic value to the products you sell. There is customer satisfaction with the products offered.

4. Provide Services to Win Market Competition

How can a company win a competition? Usually because of a service or service that can provide a sense of security and satisfaction from the user. This method can also provide free promotion. Why is that? When your product is quality, news about the quality of your product can spread to the public. There are several methods of service that we know of:

Provides free installation
Regular maintenance
Customer service contact

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5. Create a Membership System So Customers Feel Some of Your Business

The relationship with consumers can be closer when they feel part of your business. Like offering a membership or membership program. In addition, with membership, you can add some promotional techniques such as:

Give special discounts to members
Give members a special bonus
Provides subscription features

6. Gifts or Gifts Make Customers More Honest

One classic technique that is still good to apply is to give the buyer additional gifts. You can provide souvenirs in the form of calendars, CD guides and a variety of souvenir products with your product name.

For example, distributing calendars, wall clocks, and so on, and installing product and brand banners are powerful ways to get your brand's products. Calendars are usually placed on the wall, so your banner space looks great.

7. Vouchers or coupons can have a positive effect

This method is the same as giving a gift above. But this is a more attractive and modern way, by giving gifts through vouchers or coupons. It can be in the form of lottery coupons, points and so on.

Granting a coupon or voucher can have a positive effect on your business. Especially when consumers are often rewarded, this makes consumers love your product, and can even become your loyal customers.

8. Ads on Google Adword with Advanced Technology

Who doesn't know Google? All the tech-savvy people in the world are familiar with this giant company. Now, if you're interested, you can try to learn how to create targeted ads. Google Adword is very powerful in terms of ad targeting. You don't have to worry about finding the right customers, all the settings can be adjusted when we place ads on Adword.

Your ads can spread anywhere you want. Of course, you need the knowledge and money for this method, but many other blogger friends write free guides on the internet.

9. Offer a free post for continuous order

Most consumers are very happy when buying products from outside the region for free shipping. You can use the free shipping promotion technique to attract buying. Who doesn't like it, when the product purchased is free shipping?

Calculation of financial management and profit/loss is essential, you must be wise to provide a way to maintain operating costs to provide a healthy profit for your business when using this technique.

10. Social Media Can Make Your Market Target Bigger

There are some very popular social media platforms in Indonesia, namely Facebook, Instagram, Google plus and Twitter. You can use this medium to promote it. You can create a kind of fan, forum and more that describe your main product. Typically the streams used when promoting on social media are as follows

  • Create a fan page
  • Write product promotion articles
  • Create a fan page ad
  • Create a landing page using the media of your own website or fan
  • Email Marketing

11. Event Sponsors Increase Brand Awareness

The level of awareness or awareness of the product or service plays an important role in making your promotion run smoothly. One of the most common ways we deal with it is through advertising and sponsorship techniques.

if your business has truly grown but wants to expand the scale of marketing, you can implement strategies by sponsoring events such as annual party events, cultural or music festivals, or other events. This way, it can increase the level of awareness of the product you offer.

12. Be Active in the Forum for Extending the Promotional Network

Forums are places of gathering for people on specific topics or topics. You can search for forum topics or themes related to the products or services you offer. By being active in the forum, you can add friendships and find promotional opportunities based on their interests. Therefore, the target market is the product or service you are offering.

13. Ads That Make Your Product Famous

Advertising is intended to make your product or service known to the public. The most effective way is to repeat or repeat. The more often a product brand is seen or heard, the more opportunities it has to remember and know at the same time. This is why ads appear, as we see on television. Ads often play for even a few seconds. However, with repetition or repetition, the brand of the product becomes easier to remember.

With the advancement of technology and the internet. There are many media outlets that provide advertising, as I wrote in figure 8 above. Google Adword is one of the best advertising service providers on the internet. In addition, you can also take advantage of newspapers, magazines, and many other offline advertising promotion techniques.

What is your opinion? Do you have an effective product promotion method that you want to share? Please write in the comment form below. Hopefully, this article will give you an overview on finding the best methods for a promotion aimed at increasing product sales.

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