Work motivation for employees, which must be owned

Are you an employee? If so, you are one of several people or even hundreds of millions of employees in this country. You and they certainly have a variety of work motivation, right?

Of course, every job requires motivation and some of these motivations are not even imagined by you.

With various professions and jobs that we have ever worked on. All of these professions have very different work motivations, although in general, they have the same patterns and criteria.

What are the motivations?

Here we summarize the work motivation of some employees, based on the experience of several people with various professions and jobs that have been experienced.

1. Motivation to be financially secure with a monthly salary

This is a work motivation that is widely used to motivate and encourage work.

Having a salary every month will certainly make it easier in life. Because of the principle of happiness in life including financial. Facilities in making life easier almost can be obtained when we have money.

And our monthly salary can help meet the desires of life. Of all primary needs, secondary needs to additional needs.

For example:

Primary needs: Buy daily needs such as eating and drinking, home.

Secondary needs: Buy clothing needs, own a vehicle.

Other needs: Buy a luxury car, or the need to walk around and pamper yourself. Meet the needs of hobbies and so forth.

Types of Motivation to be financially secure with a monthly salary, this motivation makes you more motivated to work when you get rewarded money to meet the various needs that you want to have.

The disadvantage is that you can't get to work anymore when there's no money in return. This means that decreased work motivation has an impact on your performance at work because your priority is in return for a monthly salary.

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2. Want to have a coveted position in a career
Not just work and complete daily tasks. Employees with this motivation dedicate each work with push of limits, meaning they work and explore more than 100% of their abilities.


Because they have to be better individuals than their community. With the position being targeted, they will always improve their abilities and expertise to support their careers.

For example: improving leadership skills, time management, ways of communicating, managing finances and emotionally.

Without realizing it, by having this motivation you will be forced to compete with coworkers, become the best person among office friends, have the best ideas and eventually will eventually become a superior staff.

Thus you will increase productivity at work in the company. You will also increase the productivity of the company where you work. This will also be useful if you are looking for another job when you feel you have had enough in the previous company by considering various things.

3. Motivation provides the best work

Is THERE an employee who wants to work for work? Certainly, there is.

This employee has the main motivation to give his best abilities and his best work. Not salary or career is the main thing, this type will live up to the meaning of the work undertaken.

Responsible for every job done. This is a type of motivation that is very rarely possessed by an employee. Positioning the place, not as workers or laborers employed, they live the work so they can give their best work to the company.

4. Learn and seek experience

High motivation to learn and gain experience. Not all employees work to get a good salary or career. THERE are some who want to learn and seek experience.

Usually, they have complex long-term thinking, for example, wanting to learn to be an employee before building a company, learning how SOPs in company work, how the organization's system and structure, or learning how a company is successful.

Besides the reasons above, looking for experience is usually used as motivation by those who have just graduated and are just working (fresh graduates). For example, they are looking for experience as financial staff, administrative staff.

This motivation is usually for employees who are still in the apprenticeship process, honorary with an experience that they get Will to have advantages when they are looking for a better job.

5. Making work as a hobby

Imagine, what you do is your hobby, from your Persian hobbies you get paid. This is not nonsense, in fact, motivation because hobbies will make you enthusiastic about working many times.

Doing work with love, as difficult as any job Will feel easy and fun.

Don't work just to settle obligations or just make money, because if you only make money and obligations will feel heavy and will not be fun in the work.

6. Family motivation at home

The sixth motivation is more specific, although it was mentioned a little above, at this point it will be deeper. Because the fact is for those who are married, motivation to support the family becomes the main thing.

Given the wife's family, children at home can make work motivation increase. Try not to disappoint them. work with enthusiasm, when finding a point of saturation, remember that they are the reason you work.

Prove that you are someone who is responsible for the family. Prove it to them, make them happy with it. That what you do will affect your family at home.

Give examples and examples to your children. If you are not married, parents are your biggest reason and passion and motivation at work.

Work with enthusiasm to serve parents or make children and wives happy at home.

7. Work because of worship

Salary, position, and experiences are number and worship is the main thing. Working is worship, being able to provide for the family, with a monthly salary able to do good money and help troubled parents. For them, work is a duty and is worship.

Not too much thinking about career positions or high salaries, as long as it is halal, it will be preferred. Work with honesty.

8. Remembering your biggest ideals

Future responsibilities,

Work is a way to achieve our goals and goals in life. Regardless of what your goals and ideals are, work will make money, and money will support what you aspire to.

9. Avoid things that can damage morale

Look for things that make your enthusiasm decrease in work. For example, lazy to work because the distance from home and office is too far or traffic jams on the road. Look for a solution, for example by finding a boarding house that is close to the office and leaving early to avoid congestion.

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