The Smart Way to Manage Time, for women who are very busy at work

Managing Time For Mompreneur

Managing time is not an easy job for everyone, especially for a mompreneur who has a lot of busyness throughout the day. In addition to completing various household matters such as cleaning the house, washing, cooking, taking care of children and others, the mompreneur also certainly has a lot of activities in his business. Especially if the business is fairly busy and also needs a lot of attention.

However, whatever the reason, you certainly have a good understanding of the various consequences of the decision to become a mompreneur. With this large schedule of activities, of course as a mompreneur, it is necessary to ensure that both can run smoothly. I need to be observant in managing the time, including completing various tasks in the right way.

For those of you who still feel like a failure or have not succeeded in carrying out their duties properly as a mompreneur, it's time to consider some smart ways to manage time that need to be applied directly in everyday life that has been summarized by

1. Set Work Schedule

When is the time to do all business activities? This certainly cannot be done all the time, bearing in mind you also have responsibilities towards your family and household. That is, this business must adjust the routine as a housewife. But it also must continue to have the responsibility to handle it in the right way.

Begin to determine work schedules from the start. For example, after waking up in the morning, doing housewife work starting from cleaning the house, taking care of the child, washing, cooking, etc. then after all have been confirmed, then complete your business activities both at home or when there are meetings with outside clients.

If a business is run in the form of an online shop, it will certainly be easier. While taking care of orders, you can while doing other homework.

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2. Make a Routine Agenda

Don't forget to always make a routine agenda, where your various routines throughout the day are well organized. Begin to record this agenda by determining the scale of priorities and setting the right time to complete each task.

For example, tidying the house 30 minutes, washing 1 hour, ironing clothes 1 hour 30 minutes, cooking 2 hours, taking care of children 1 hour, tidying themselves 1 hour, serving customers who order plus wrap orders 2 hours, meeting with clients 2 hours and so on.

Take time at night or even in the morning to make this agenda, so it can be easier to complete your various jobs on time throughout the day.

3. Run the Schedule with Discipline

Do not just make it, the agenda must also be carried out with discipline and really as planned. This is important to ensure that all tasks run smoothly and can be completed in a timely manner.

Don't forget to also take the time to do an evaluation at night and look again at what has been achieved and done throughout the day. This can be a good habit that will make it easier for you to get things done that you want to do all the time.

4. Run in a Balanced Portion

It is important to understand well your responsibilities towards work and family. Both of these must be carried out with a balanced portion, so as not to be biassed or even fail one of them. The way you manage your time will certainly be very influential in this regard.

Try to look back at your daily routine and set the most appropriate time to finish everything well. This will not be difficult, especially if you have a commitment to always manage your time in the right way.

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