4 Steps to Selling Your Process Improvement

4 Steps to Selling Your Process Improvement - Hands-down, big advertisers, are the master changes behaviour. Case in point – they are said to have doubled sales of shampoo in the middle ages by only printing in "rinse, repeat " on the bottle.

4 Steps to Selling Your Process Improvement

Today, advertising involving siphon extended leave digital breadcrumbs on each click, scan and keystrokes, and crackling noises through a mind-numbing algorithm to determine which ads spew out on the next screen. However, what underlies all the technology still is an old school advertisers formula that you can make use of the changes in the following process.

4 Steps to Selling Your Process Improvement

The Secret Formula? AIDA-awareness, interest, desire, action. If you want someone to buy to your changes, first make them realize it, are interested in them and make them want it to the point they take action "buy " it. How will that help you something ordinary process improvement project?


Starting from the planning, you should develop communication plans that you run through all the corrective measures. Don't wait until the end to "advertise " your project. People need to be exposed to your changes several times before they become aware of it.


when you build a business case for process improvement, be sure to shape your vision (what's in it for the user) and the platform often you (bad things will happen if you do not apply changes now,). You are using both of them in your communications to spark the interest of your target audience.


most purchase decisions are said to be driven by emotions, although we justify that decision using logic. Indeed, it is difficult to inject excitement in the process of new invoices. But, if your new process is pain relief that people feel, it is easy to take advantage of it. The fun is emotional. At least, make sure that all those who implement your communication shows the fun right. Everything is the same; users tend to buy from people they like. Leverage in the terms that you have done for your project communications.


Ask for a sale this is the version button "buy now ". Ask your audience to engage in the process of a new – preferably non-threatening way. This may take the form of training, view demo, join the pilot, attending the kickoff, etc. Commitment, although micro as a signature of an appointment or make an appointment to see a training video that makes them start. Make it as easy as possible for people to follow a new process. (At the same time, making it difficult for one resistor trying to do things the old way.)

All will tell, all people will be treated in a good to realize that we are in marketing, advertising and sales regardless of our title. Make sales!

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